The Dire Ducks - Les Canards Sinistres

Irish, Quebecois, Contra Dance, and Old Time fiddle music


Robert Rosenberg: Robert’s guitar rhythms establishes a solid rhythmic foundation, and sets the stage, but his interesting chord choices and ability to jump right into flat picking when the muse strikes, adds extra bounce and variety to the band’s sound. Robert’s versatility made him a hot commodity in the music scene with five different (celtic, old-time, folk, bluegrass, contra) bands based out of western Colorado.

Alice Boyle: Alice is known for her joyful fiddle style and inventive harmonies. Originally a professional classical violist, she fell in love with traditional music and has immersed herself the tunes and fiddle styles of North America and the British isles. Her skillful twists and turns lend a bright top end to the band’s dance tunes and her violist harmonic sensibilities add lovely depth to their waltzes.

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